Reverse a String in Every Language

Published on 01 November 2018 (Updated: 02 May 2020)

Reverse a String in Every Language

While Hello World is simple, it often does not show off many interesting features of a language. Fortunately, this repository shares more samples than Hello World. One of these more complex programs is known as Reverse a String.

In this repository, the algorithm must reverse ASCII strings. Do NOT worry about reversing a string in the general case. For instance, if a string contains surrogate pairs, it’s okay if the solution corrupts the string during reversal.


Despite the explicit name, there are some rules in place for consistency. When writing a Reverse a String program, the following rules should apply:

  1. The implementation must be executable
  2. The string to be reversed must come from the command line
  3. The program must verify the strings existence on the command line
  4. The user must not import libraries to obfuscate the string manipulation

In other words, the program should get a string from the command line and reverse it using language utilities only. Acceptable language utilities include language features and built-in libraries.

External dependencies are unacceptable. Remember, the goal is to show off language features and utilities.


If the solution passes these test cases, then it’s a good fit for the repo. Feel free to test other strings for fun. For instance, you may find that your language can handle unicode characters, but it fails for emojis.

Description Input Output
No Input    
Empty String ””  
Ascii String “Hello, World” “dlroW ,olleH”


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