Capitalize in Every Language

Published on 31 March 2019 (Updated: 31 March 2019)

Capitalize in Every Language

In this article, we’ll tackle the Capitalize program, its requirements, and how to test it.


This simple program picks a string and return the first letter of it in uppercase.


For this sample program, each solution should return the string with the first letter in uppercase.

string -> String
react -> React
java -> Java
car -> Car
a long string term -> A long string term

In addition, there should be some error handling for situations where the user doesn’t input any string or the content passed to function is not a string(i.e number, float or object)


Verify that the actual output matches the expected output. See the requirements section for an example of the expected output.


Currently, there are no articles. If you’d like to begin contributing, head over to the repo to get started.